Weno MapAlmost all places are private zone so you may need some permission or have to pay for entrance fee. There is a short tour (2-3 hours) from hotels. Please ask your hotel for more tour information.

Mt. Tonaachaw

Iras is, at 229 meters, the loftiest peak on Weno. The mountain is the legendary home of the god Souwariras and his divine son. Situated by the Wichon Falls, the Wichon Men's Meeting House was the spot where Weno chiefs were reported to have meetings with Poomey, eldest of the six brothers who were the first chiefs of Chuuk. The shallow pool at the base of the Falls is still used for bathing and sport, just as it was in historic times. The site of Poomey's dwelling on a mountaintop may be seen from nearby villages. Numerous petro glyphs are etched in the exposed basalt rocks at the falls.

Japanese War Memorial

Along the seashore of central Down Town in the Pay View area. 5-10 minutes walk from the Airport. Easily visible from the main road.

Xavier High School

The Japanese Wartime Communications Center is the principal structure in the complex of buildings that now comprise Xavier High School. Built of reinforced concrete with walls three to four Feet thick, the massive building sustained little damage despite direct hits from U.S. Bombers. The property on which the building stands had been purchased by the Catholic Church prior to the war, and when it was reclaimed, decided to repair the structure and use it as a nucleus for a Jesuit high school. Today the complex includes classroom buildings, a chapel, living quarters and offices for staff members, a study hall, gymnasium, workshop, mess facilities, and student dormitory.

Old Japanese Lighthouse

Located in the mountain of Sapuk. Arrange with your hotel for a tour.

Nefo Cave & Japanese Gun

Just 50 meters from the main government waters reservoirs. It’s a 10 feet wide, 6 feet high and 78 feet long. Cave contains a gun used by Japanese soldiers to guard entry from north and west passes, and many of the soldiers lived there.

Local Markets

Weno marketAlong the roadside of the downtown area of Weno , lined up all the privately own local markets where you ‘ll find freshly picked fruits and vegetables, fish of all kinds and variety of seafood items.

Weno marketJ Square Market & Sasukoto Market

Located two minutes away from the airport and they served variety of local foods and more. Make a quick stop by on your way down from the airport. Enjoy a cultural experience by taking the opportunity to mix and mingle with local Chuukese who treat visitors more like guests than tourist. Chuuk’s rich and colorful history, it’s dynamic culture, and the warm hospitality of her people are often overlooked by the tourist.