The longest diameter is 64 kilometers and is one of the biggest lagoons in the world. Chuuk, with its vast, shallow, beautiful lagoon is a Mecca for wreck divers. A major shipwreck site from WWII, Truk Lagoon is unquestionably the world's best shipwreck diving destination. Here, more than 50 hulks have been transformed into ship reefs, holding the very best of the undersea world and maritime history at one site. Hard and soft corals in a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes attract divers worldwide for both daytime and night diving. The vast selection of artifacts still found on the wrecks after five decades are testament to the unique history of the Micronesian Islands.

The historical aspect of Truk Lagoon is not totally hidden by the jungles. Old runways, command centers, gun emplacements, cave networks, hospitals and town can be found with the help of a knowledgeable guide. Lush vegetation and simple living punctuate the lives of the lagoon. Fishing, weaving and tending garden supplant the subsistence lives that many sustain on their individual islands. It is not unusual to see women waist deep in the mangroves hunting for a special delicacy or men walking the reefs by torchlight at night looking for baby octopus. Open hearth fires are still used to cook the daily meals. Life here is close to nature and lived in conjunction with the land and the sea. 


People are smiley and friendly. The population of Chuuk State is 54,000 (census in 2000). This is about half of the population in Federated States of Micronesia. The main island of Weno (formerly Moen) is the capital and commercial center and is home to roughly 16,100 of Chuuk's total population.


It’s takes about one and one half hours from Guam and there are four flights a week by United Airlines. United Airline office is at the airport (8:00 – 16:00) Tel:691-330‐2424. Chuuk is in the same time zone as Guam and Saipan.